Couples Counselor for Engaged Couples

Are you recently engaged? Do you have concerns about your future? Would you like to discuss important elements of your marriage to ensure both you and your fiance understand what is expected of one another? If so, you may both benefit from couples counseling sessions.

Why Choose Couples Counseling

Counselors have helped men, women, children, families, and couples identify and work through a broad range of issues. They are highly trained and experienced and possess the ability to listen, engage with, and guide clients in a therapeutic environment. When you choose to meet with a counselor, you can feel confident in knowing they:

  • Will provide you with a safe place to open up in
  • Honor your privacy and will not disclose what you discuss with us
  • Will not judge you
  • Will listen attentively to what you have to say
  • Will respect your opinion
  • Can offer you valuable advice and guidance
  • Are equipped with techniques that encourage growth, healing, learning, and positivity
  • Want to help you with your concerns, issues, or problems

The Benefits of Couples Counseling for Engaged Couples

There are many benefit to seeing a couples counsellor before you are married. These include:

You Can Discuss the Marriage Ceremony – Getting married is a big deal. The ceremony itself will involve many decisions ranging from who will be at the wedding, to the date, your budget, and the theme. Sometimes it will help to talk these things over with one another to ensure you both agree on these decisions.

You Can Determine Who May Be Responsible for Financial Costs – Once you are married there will be bills that need to be covered, but who will pay for them. Some couples choose to split them, others will have one spouse pay for everything. This is a topic that should be discussed well in advance.

The Possibility of Children Can Be Talked About – Have you and your fiance talked about having children? If not, or one of you is undecided, a couples counselor can help both of you to talk about this sensitive subject.

You Will Both Have the Opportunity to Resolve Any Issues – Just because you have decided to get married does not mean there are no unresolved issues. For example, perhaps there are certain pet peeves that you would like to address. Or maybe you are having a difficult time building a relationship with your future in-laws. If you don’t talk about these issues now, they could build up into something more serious in the future.

By Seeing a Couples Counselor Before You Are Married, You Can Reduce Potential Problems – Before They Arise

When you choose to go to a couples counselor before you get married, there is a good chance that you will both enter into the marriage as a healthy couple who has a better understanding of each other’s needs. If you are interested in knowing more about pre marriage counseling, call a counselor today.