How Does Therapy Help to Solve Problems?

Everyone faces problems in their lives. What you deal with is going to look different than what your neighbor deals with, but the fact remains that you’ll both face challenges during the course of your lives. For example, you might find your spouse cheated on you after 30 years of marriage and may need to pursue couples therapy. Your neighbor might be a war veteran suffering from PTSD and may require therapy to deal with their struggles. No matter what you or a loved one is struggling with, chances are that therapy can help you to manage what you’re facing. As an experienced McLean, VA therapist – including those who practice at Lindsey Hoskins & Associates – can confirm, as long as you’re willing to put in the time and emotional effort required, therapy can help to improve your life both in the short-term and over time. 

The Lightbulb Moment

Have you ever been talking to someone, trying to figure out a math problem or something else non-trivial, when suddenly you have that lightbulb moment? Sometimes just pondering the issue out loud opens a thought process you didn’t realize was available to you. Therapy often works in much the same way. “Talking out” a problem can help you to discover solutions accessible just below the surface of your reasoning.

A Second Opinion

When you talk about your problems with someone who has been trained in psychotherapy, you’ll get a “second opinion” as to what you should do. Perhaps the therapist will give you some ideas you hadn’t thought of before. Perhaps they will have a different perspective that totally makes sense, but you didn’t have the experience to come up with it on your own.

Making Your Feelings Known

Not everyone is great at communication, and if your issues involve another person, it could help to make your feelings known to that person. For example, you might be struggling with your marriage because your spouse doesn’t ever clean up around the house. If you haven’t communicated that to your spouse, they will never know what needs to change. Instead, you’ll be stewing over the mess while your spouse is going about life oblivious to your feelings. Therapy helps all parties express feelings in a healthy manner that aims to facilitate solutions and growth.

Getting Started Today

Talking can’t actually make your problems go away, but there are some benefits of getting your issues out in the open. If you’re interested in working through your problems with a professional, contact a counselor today.