Finding a Qualified Medical Doctor

There are many ways to find a qualified medical doctor. If you are truly looking only to see if they are qualified to treat a particular problem or issue you are having, it may be as simple as checking their medical license(s), board certification, and other certificates, that are relevant to the particular kind of medicine the doctor practices.

Many people though, want much more than just a qualified medical doctor. Many people want a medical doctor that is popular and/or highly rated by patients and peers. Many people want a doctor’s whose personality and temperament make them feel safe in that they are getting high quality care from someone who really listens to them as well as being at the top of their game. Many people want things different than the aforementioned or want variations on them but most people who are looking for a qualified medical doctor are looking for a good medical doctor

Primary Care Physician

Nowadays, it’s important to have a primary care doctor. It’s important to have a doctor who you see at least once a year for check-ups and one who knows about your and your family’s medical histories but it’s also important to already be established with a doctor before a problem arises because it often takes a lot longer to get a first time appointment than an unwell visit with your primary care physician. More and more insurance carriers and plans require that people have a primary care physician to be their main resource. This means that a patient needs to see their primary care physician to get recommendations and referrals for other doctors and healthcare providers. 

Even though it may feel restrictive to have to go through your physician every time you want medical care, even if you want medical care for a problem that they have no area of expertise in, when all is said and done, it can be nice to have a project manager to help you navigate confusing healthcare and insurance systems. As well, research indicates that people who have a strong relationship with a physician report a greater satisfaction for the level of care they receive as well as they enjoy better health.


Make sure that a doctor you want to see accepts your insurance and your particular plan. You can use your insurance’s website or call them to get lists of doctors that accept your plan. Once you decide on a doctor, it’s important to contact their office directly to make sure that they still accept your insurance because insurance websites are not always updated in a timely manner when doctors add or drop that insurance.

Other things to keep in mind when looking for a good doctor that is qualified for your needs are:

– Hospital affiliation

– Board certification

– Red flags such as medical malpractice claims, disciplinary actions, etc.

– Personality and compatibility

– Do they cater to drug reps from pharmaceutical companies

– Office policies and doctor appointment availability 

– Nurses and other medical support staff

– Office staff

– Technology – is the practice’s office and medical technology up to date

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